Friday, 5 September 2014

August Empties

August seemed to be the month where I ran out of my staples. Ugh.

Kirkland Facial Wipes - my new favs.

Simple Cleansing Wipes - I randomly found this pack with a couple left. They're my old favs, but more expensive. I will probably buy them when they go on sale.

up & up Exfoliating Cotton Rounds - same old cotton rounds I always use.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster - I don't really notice the collagen part, but the Vitamin C helps with my redness.

Balea Purifying Face Mask in Jasmine & Cactus Flower - it was ok. I wouldn't repurchase.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant - I love this stuff but I have some more samples to get through first before I think about buying full size.

Belvada Blackhead Facial Mask - This is one of two samples I received. You'll probably see the other one in September, but I can't say I'd buy it.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser - I like this but I'm trying out some cheaper alternatives before repurchasing.

KMS Free Shape - I love this stuff but my stylist moved and her new salon doesn't carry it. I might buy some more anyways once I'm done with another kind of dry spray.

Roots - my favorite hair treatment. I have some samples to get through before buying it again though.

KMS Hair Stay hairspray - this was okay. I'm not picky with hairspray as I don't use it often.

Seche Vite Top Coat - it's lived a long life, but it's tacky now, so it's time to go.

Be Delectable Hand Cream in Coconut & Cream - this was ok, but I'm not a huge fan of coconut so I used it up and I won't be looking out for it in stores.

It's So Big Mascara - I keep getting samples of this. It's ok but I can't get it locally, so I probably won't buy it.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs - not my favourite. Lots of samples to get through.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Beauty Box 5 - August 2014

Beauty Box 5 time! This month's theme was "radiant and remarkable" The samples do match the theme this month, which is a nice change.

Included in this month's box:
  • Roux Anti-Aging Hair Serum Leave-In Treatment - sample size 4oz - full size 4oz $8.99
  • La Fresh Travel-Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes - sample size 8 wipes - full size 8 wipes - $2.49
  • Pur~lisse Pur~protect Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 - sample size 15mL $16.50 - full size 50mL $55.00
  • Style Essentials Nail Polish in Teal - sample size 1 bottle $1.75 - full size 4 bottles $7.00
  • Nanacoco Lip Gloss in First Kiss - sample size - 0.22 oz - full size 0.22oz $3.99
Retail value of August's BB5: $33.72 ($5.88 more than last month)

This was an interesting box this month. The hair serum may be given to my Mum but I'll give it a go first. The wipes I have received in the past and you have to wash off the residue afterwards so I'll save them for traveling probably. I received the sunscreen in July's ipsy, but can't go wrong with more sunscreen. More nail polish. I'm not saying more. The gloss is ok. It'll go into the use up bin.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August Favourites

Like June, I don't really have any favourites. I haven't tried anything new, due to being broke, and basically I've just been liking the same things all summer.