Monday, 3 April 2017

Finish 7 By Spring Finale

So in the coming days, you will see a picture on Instagram of the final results, but in the mean time, here's the results of this project.

Calgon Morning Glory Body Mist - This is the body mist that just won't die! I barely used any, but I feel I sprayed it so much. It'll be continued in the projects to come *Not finished*

Always Loved by My Daughter Fragrances - I finished about half of it, which I'm pretty proud of. I work in a scent free zone, so I don't get much opportunity to wear perfume, so that progress is not bad. It will also continue. *Not finished*

Angel By MAC Cosmetics - I used quite a bit of it, but I hate it. It's really old so I used what I could, but I'm going to Back-To-MAC it. *Decluttered*

Suburbia Mineral Eyeshadow in Brazen - Another product that I feel like I should have made more progress on 'cause I used it a lot. It will not be in the Finish 8 By Summer project, just 'cause I'm tired of it. It'll probably be back later in the year though. *Not finished*

Glam Naturals Mascara - This just keeps going as well. It hasn't dried out any, so it'll continue. *Not finished*

Cynthia Rowley Eye Liner in Black - I made some progress and it will continue. *Not finished*

Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel - This is the product I made the most progress on. I finished about 2/3's of it. It will continue and I hope (finger's crossed) it'll be done at the end of the Summer project. *Not finished*

Total fail project really. I didn't finish anything. This is disappointing. Hopefully the next project will be more productive.

I finished one nail polish already!

UPDATE ON #365daysofempties
I'm on #67 - the above lipstick.

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