Tuesday, 23 December 2014

November Empties

I'm slowly working through my stash of products. My goal is to get all of my products in one set of drawers instead of three or four boxes plus the drawers. I'm trying not to buy anymore things until I use a bunch up. More to come in Project 10 Pan, that I'll be posting around New Year's.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat - it's old and isn't drying all that well. Time to go.

OPI Nail Envy - it's old and has gotten thick on me. Time to go.

Gillette Satin Care Vitamin E shave gel - I rarely use shave gel so it takes me forever to get through one. Finally finished this one.

Lush's Ocean Salt - Ol' faithful. I will repurchase after I get through some scrubs.

Clinique Moisture Surge mini - This is suppose to put moisture into your skin but it actually seem to dry me out. I kept it at work for a quick fix and finally finished it. I wouldn't buy the full size.

Origins A Perfect World toner - This is my go-to toner. I will repurchase until I find something better.

Belvada Coconut Lip Butter - dupe for the same product at the Body Shop. It changed texture so it's going.

I finished a Luscious Watermelon and a Tropicalia from Davids Tea. I'm slowing working through my tea collection as well.

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