Friday, 8 August 2014

July Empties

July was a decent month for empties, considering I wasn't home much.

Lush Ocean Salt - this is a staple of mine, but it's pricey. I went back through my empties and I've been out of this for quite sometime. I bought this a few months ago, so it lasts me a good amount of time.

Bean'stock Tropical Treat Bath Salts - this was a gift a long time ago and I just finished them up. They were okay; just normal bath salts.

Pure Divine Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash - travel size - this packaging was a pain. I had to pull of the lid every time. It cleaned well, but I don't feel like it exfoliated at all. The scent was nothing special.

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste - My go-to toothpaste. I'm not sure why I haven't put this in before. I don't go through it super fast as I'm the only one who uses it.

Zyderma HS Antimicrobial Clarifying Cream - I got this in my February TopBox. It too me that long to finish it. It did nothing to my face though. 

Avon Haiku, Avon Far Away, Thierry Mugler Alien, Juicy Couture Couture Couture - samples - the Juicy perfume would be the only one I'd think about buying, but of course it's been discontinued.

Copabanana and Blazing Strawberries from Davids Tea. The banana one was good, the strawberry one didn't really taste like strawberries to me. I'm slowly getting through the tea though!

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