Saturday, 1 February 2014

Topbox - January 2014

I know this is really late, but our weather has not been right for taking pictures, so here we go!

My Topbox came right on time, even with all the bad weather we've been getting. I pay $13.80 CDN for this subscription service and it is only available to Canadians.

Every January, they team up with Benefit Cosmetics and bring out a Lunar New Year box. I wished for it last year, but didn't get it. This year I did!

Included in the January 2014 Benefit TopBox:
  • The POREfessional - sample size 3mL $4.92 (approx.) - full size 22mL $36
  • Benetint - sample size 2.5mL $7.20 - full size 12.5mL $36
  • Total Moisture Facial Cream - sample size 8.9g $8.46 (approx.) - full size 48.2g $46
  • BADgal Lash Mascara - sample size 4g $12.24 (approx.) - full size 8.5g $26
  • Fakeup - sample size 0.06g $0.50 - full size 3.5g $29
Retail value of this months box: $37.82

Included in this months box was a coupon for 3000 points at Shoppers if you bought one of the products in full size. I did pick up a POREfessional, just because I have so much of the other products to use up already, I figured it would be the only thing I would actually get a chance to use sooner than later. The coupon expired Jan. 31, so that's why it's not in the picture.

The POREfessional was the real reason I wanted this box. I've been looking for a primer, and I've heard great things about it. I'm curious to try the facial cream as well because I am on the hunt for a new one. The Benetint and the mascara will just go into the use up pile because I've received those samples before and really I'm not that picky about mascara and blush products. The Fakeup may be to dark for me since I'm pretty pale, so I might just keep it for the summer, or give it to my mom, who's a touch darker than me. 

Do you get TopBox? Would you like to? Leave a comment or tweet me and I'll send you an invite! If you already get it, what did you get in yours?

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